Meet the Team

3 friends who met in a Zoom class, bonded over their shared passion to help eczema patients. Now, with the incredible support of our mentor Dr. Leanne De Souza-Kenney, we are developing a fully functioning all-in one app for eczema patients.


Dr. Leanne de Souza-Kenney




Vani Jain


"Watching my brother suffer from eczema growing up, I wanted to make a difference. Thus, came the idea of EczyApp. Having grown up in 6 different countries, I have seen the struggles of marginalised communities first hand & hope that EczyApp can help those who feel helpless."


Sherry Du


"When I was 4 years old, my childhood best friend couldn’t make a wish on a dandelion. I asked her why and she simply said, “Because of my eczema.”  Sadly, this isn’t a rare occurrence. Many of my family members and friends suffer from eczema. As an outsider looking in, my core passion is to help ease the pain of others. With EczyApp, I strive to help others take back control of their eczema one step at a time."


Gurjap Deol


"Eczema is a challenging and unforgiving disease. I have witnessed the difficulties that come with eczema through family members and friends. With this app, I wish to lessen the burden of others and create a platform that will help patients manage their eczema. I hope EczyApp can provide a safe and supportive space for healing."


Isabel Yu


"After seeing my sister struggle with eczema, I wanted to be able to help. Her flare-ups would change depending on the country we lived in and the triggers she was exposed to. I decided to join EczyApp to help people who suffer from eczema track their eczema, which will help ease their suffering from such a draining disease."